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 Home of airplane diaper cake and much more.

We make

Spiritual art, Airplane centerpiece, 

Motorcycle diaper cake, Train, truck diaper cake, sailboat and more. 


We are a husband and wife team, Meri & John, hoping our baby shower creations are what you are looking for. Great care is taken to make a baby shower gift which is distinctly different, detailed and labor intensive.

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Review by Megan at Boostasite.com:

You may never have heard of diaper cakes, but Meri and her husband have made it their passion. There are some great images of the cakes they make on their website, and it seemed amazing to me that someone could make such lovely  cakes. They are also a licensed Florida business.

Please support this venture since many of our friends and family would love to get such a clever gift.

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Motorcycle diaper cake, comes on diaper base,see store pic.

Airplane diaper cake, one of many plane models we sell. Handmade helmet on "pilot".

Truck diaper cake,intended to be taken apart and used on baby. 

Realistic shape, has plastic windshield. store

Peterbilt 379 model,Truck diaper cake,ideal for nursery after baby shower.This diaper truck is truly unique. In store.